Yuneec Typhoon Shootout – Q500 4K vs Typhoon G GoPro Quad Copter Drone

I’ve spent countless hours flying Yuneec’s Q500 4K and have logged many hours on Yuneec’s latest quad copter, it’s Typhoon G GoPro model. Both copters are basically the same, but the Typhoon G boast a price point that’s 0 less than the Q500 4K.

Sounds too good to be true, huh?

In this video I select the Typhoon model that I find the most appealing and explain why. I’ve also taken the time to write a very detailed review of the various Typhoon features that can be called the Ultimate Typhoon Buying Guide or, Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About the Yuneec Typhoon copter, but were afraid to ask.

As a bonus, I play the Ukulele in this video and now you get to vote in the comment section below if I should continue adding Ukulele music to my future videos! So, post your comments below!

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