Yuneec Q500 “G” Review Max Range Test

Yuneec Q500 “G” Review & Max Range Test

Sorry, had to redo this video because there were missing clips. This one should be better. I know Yuneec recommends turning off the wifi on the GoPro while flying. Some even say leaving it on can cause interference while flying, loss of control or reduction in range in FPV. I tried to get these issues to happen and it didn’t for me. Since I didn’t see any problems, I just posted what I did to control the camera. If you decide to use wifi on your GoPro, it is against the recommendation of Yuneec. This review has no Fluf, no BS, just the facts on weeks of testing the Yuneec “G” verison of the Typhoon Q500. Short and to the point……. enjoy everyone! Go to and tell Frank YouTubeDroneDoctor sent you! Please give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and please subscribe!

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