DJI Phantom 2 Camera Quality Review. Photographic quality test results.

DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter camera quality review. A must see for commercial users and photographers! See how it really looks when enlarged for print. Which is better? GoPro or DJI Phantom?

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Take a quick look at the quality of stills shot from the onboard camera for the phantom 2 vision straight from the box.

DJI boast that the phantom vision hosts a 14 megapixel camera, which is pretty good!

But like all these compact style cameras … 14 MP of what?

The phantom is rated at 14 mp, this little panosonic lumix at 16 mp and yet a Nikon SLR at only 12.3? Of course the GoPros also come in at around 12mp!

Needless to say.. Its not really about how many mega pixels,
its about what is in each of those single pixels!

After taking some shots on the Phantom and reviewing them back on your desk top the shots look amazing! Very impressive indeed.

The detail is quite good, the exposures are fairly even, the focus is reasonable all things considered and the white balance or colour overall is ok as well

Obviously with a lense this wide, there is quite a bit of fisheye on the horizon, but this can be removed via a number of programs quite easily.

Upon closer inspection, the focus emphasis seems to be heavily toward the front right of all images as is the detail enhancement and there is quite a lot of pronounced camera noise presenting as twig artifacting in the image itself. Its quite different to a Go Pro which we review in another video

This means if you try and sharpen a native image you are going to get straw!!!

But real truth is in the print quality. We have blown these images up to 34″ or about 85cm which unfortunately is a bit past there enlargement range. See video for more information ….

But don’t get me wrong ….. these represent very good value for money in our opinion.

Sun will play a significant part in a camera like this, so bright and sunny is always best, and avoid bright cloud filled days where there is hot spots all over the planet or bright shiny roofs.

Mid day is a good time of day to stay right away from and don’t forget you are viewing from the air so even light and long shadows can look sensational!

All in all, the phantom 2 vision presents a really good outcome for the money for small to medium sized images printed or viewed.

But if you are thinking about selling large wall prints forget it!

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Happy flying!

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